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5 Reasons Why Learning the Quran and Hadith Online is Vital for Children

Bringing up a child is hard. The speed, pressure, and stress of living mean you never seem to have enough time. We are living in strange times. A recent survey by Pew Research Center suggests that children spend vast amounts of time in front of screens. The screen time has soared even in the COVID. And despite many other things they could do, they always appear bored. Your children need a base to grow. You, as parents, need a plan to know from where you should start and end. We know that parenting is harder today than it was twenty years ago. But don’t worry. Here are the five reasons why learning the Quran and hadith online is vital for parents to raise happy children and become the planner of your family’s future.

1. Learning Quran and Hadith Online Allows Parents to Understand Themselves and Children Better

Many of us send our children to Madrassas to learn the Quran and hadith. While such a practice is good to some extent, you should spend time raising your children. But this practice also involves learning the Quran and hadith first because the duty of teaching children rests on you as parents.

Yes, your child can see you going to attend a madrasah three hours a day, five times a week. But they can’t watch how a Qaree teaches you offline.

That is why the online option works best for your child. It allows him to observe how you’ll log in daily and learn the Quran and hadith online.

2. Don’t Let Your Children Think that Islam is for the Mosques Only!

You put your children on the wrong track when you allow them to play and watch TV all day at home and go (or send them) to madrassas to learn the Quran and hadith under the tutelage of a Qaree. Children start to think that Islam is for the mosque only, while a home is a place for worldly pleasures and pursuits.

Beware: Telling children what to do and not showing them a good example is a hypocritical act. It confuses your children and drives them away from YOU.

3. Learning the Quran and Hadith Online will Make You Caring Parents

Islam urges you as parents to teach your children the Quran and hadith. That is what our pious ancestors did. But learning online will give you more time for your child whose mind roams in this digital age and needs constant attention.

You Are No More in Charge

Admit it: You are not in charge. Your child is, and the worst part, he knows it. Your kid has a great plan of attack: He draws you in, and then he pounces!

You are well aware that your child is manipulating you, but, as parents, you don’t have to destroy your opponent. You have to raise your child properly. Do you know the way our beloved Prophetﷺ dealt with children? Heﷺ teaches us each and everything to implant beautiful things in the minds of our children. A case in point is that our Prophetﷺ never said a minor harsh word to children:

Our Prophetﷺ even warns us against lying to our children and belittling their feelings.

How our Prophet (PBUH) treated our children? Learn the Quran and hadith online.

Did you see how caring was our beloved Prophetﷺ? Heﷺ even considered it a lie when you call your children to give them something, but you won’t.

Be Flexible

You must learn how to impart the ability to bounce back! There isn’t a total victory but rather a mutual solution that keeps both of you happy.

Our beloved Prophetﷺ always advises us to honor our seniors. And it is hisﷺ sunnah as well to circulate milk or water (in a meeting) from the right-hand side of the one who serves that drink. But Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R.A.) narrated,

Do you see the way heﷺ treated Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R.A.), a seven-year-old child? How beautiful is the act of our Prophetﷺ! Heﷺ does not reprove or scold him. Instead, heﷺ gives him his right.

This way you can also listen to your children to adapt to and recognize their needs. It would help you and your child grow and develop together.

4. Explaining What is Right and Wrong to Your Children

Let’s face it: We, as parents, find it hard to tell right or wrong to our children. How would you explain your duty as a Muslim “to act in defense of what is right is as much part of your faith to oppose wrong” to your child if you learn this hadith in a mosque? Not in front of your child?

In other words, how would you explain to your child how he must right the wrong with his hand, tongue, gaze, and heart? It is because your child never watches you doing it. And you don’t know how you and your child perceive the ways to oppose wrong. How can you simplify this hadith?

Now imagine if you are learning the Quran and hadith online in front of your children. You and your child can see how a teacher explains you right the wrong you see:

why learning the Quran and Hadith online is good for you and your children

This way you can talk to your child about how such types of protest can also empower them to make their voices heard.

5. It’s Still Not Too Late to Learn (How to Recite) the Quran and Hadith Online

Not every Muslim can recite the Quran well because some have a natural stutter that they cannot overcome. Non-Arabs also find it hard to pronounce some letters of the Quran. Such people, who strive to improve but fail, get two rewards from Allah, and they are not guilty in the least.

Learn how to recite the Quran online today because you and your children need it. Otherwise, you will find the rules of recitation too hard to master. We know that many of you started it when you were young but left it for many years.

Your long detachment resulted in it being hard for you (and your children in the future) to re-learn how to recite the Quran. But it’s still not too late. You can achieve proficiency through practice and will. All you need to do is to try hard. Allah will make matters easy for you.

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