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Who We Are?

What is unique about 92 Campus? No one has developed a web platform where you can learn and study both Quran and academic courses. As a lively, practical, hands-on online platform, 92 Campus began its journey in March 2015. Since our start, our basic tenet is to provide you a place to learn at your own comfort.

Who makes us the best? Our employees, a major source of our company’s ideas and the bearers of our repute. We employ 30 best reciters of the Quran and 50 experts from well-reputed universities in Pakistan and abroad. They all are full-time workers, working three shifts in 24 hours. It means that they can adjust to your convenient schedules. As a result, the platform supports smart interactions between our experts and YOU as students.


Muhammad Usman


Muhammad Usman, as the CEO and founder of Rawalpindi-based www.92campus.com, is one such innovator. He has mastered the art of distance learning, with his years of experience in offering online Quran courses at 92quranacademy.com. Usman is the one who has brought the teaching of both the Quran and other science subjects under one roof. 

There is no such platform available to our knowledge right now. This innovation itself speaks volumes about 92 Campus and his expertise. Usman, as such, always goes extra miles to look for ways to improve his platform. His goal is to make 92 Campus a world’s best online academy. Usman has also developed a personal code of ethics; what he intends to live by and honor as a CEO. 

Kamran Mateen


Kamran Mateen is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the co-founder of 92 Campus. Kamran makes sure that systems are in place to measure how well the company is achieving its financial goals. His critical duties include:

1.       Overseeing the forecasting and budgeting process

2.       Maintaining relationship with banks or other sources of capital on which the company may be dependent

3.       Supervising control structures.

Mr. Kamran only believes in delivering high-quality results. As a financial fact finder, he is primarily responsible for answering, “What do you want to know about us”?

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