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Ahadith Memorization Course

Our Prophet Muhammad’sﷺ words (known as hadith) and hisﷺ actions form an essential part of our daily life. They comprise a second source after the Quran. The Prophet’sﷺ sayings thus explain and clarify the Quran. They also present practical applications of its teachings. That is why all Muslims should take this Ahadith Memorization Course. It’s because our knowledge remains incomplete without them.

In Quran, Allah says:

This verse clearly states that we all should follow our Prophet’sﷺ life example in every step we take. For example, when we sit down to eat, we should eat in the same way as our Prophetﷺ did. When we talk, we should talk with a similar humility that our Prophetﷺ showed to his companions. And when we walk, we should walk with the same gentleness as our Prophetﷺ.

So every one of us, who profess to be Muslims, must observe Prophet’sﷺ sayings. It is mandatory for all of us to follow his actions and words. Without learning and memorizing ahadith, we can’t draw a true picture of Islam.


Why Ahadith Memorization Course?


It is because this course contains a selection of 40 hadiths. These sayings of the Prophetﷺ cover vital aspects of religious knowledge. This collection by Imam Yahya ibn Sharaf ad-Din an-Nawawi has also enjoyed widespread acceptance. Imam Nawawi (R.A) himself quoted the Prophet’sﷺ saying:

“Whosoever memorizes and preserves for my people 40 Hadith relating to their religion, Allah will resurrect him on the Day of Judgment in the Company of jurists and religious scholars.”

So who doesn’t want to be in the company of jurists or religious scholars?  92campus.com hires only expert tutors who have been teaching Ahadith Memorization Course for many years now. And they have found it an entirely a rewarding experience. Get enrolled, and start taking the Adhadith memorization course now.

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