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Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Students definitely need a positive learning environment so that they feel comfortable and at ease preparing for lessons or exams, ie a positive learning environment is created so that children can continue their education with confidence. ۔

There are some small things in this regard that you may not have thought of, but they can make a positive difference in your life and make the study process much easier.

Don’t get distracted

All kinds of confusion have to be avoided in order to create a positive learning environment. Maybe you have a lot of things and items that you don’t need. Put all such items in the trash or store because you need a clean and tidy place to study. If you have a lot of things, you always have a hard time finding the things you really need and you waste your time.

When doing anything other than reading, make sure all items are away from the study area. If you live in a hostel with a roommate, it will be difficult for both of you to do so. Either your extra baggage may be interfering with your roommate’s study or your friend’s items may be distracting you. The most important of these items are mobile phones and music systems.


The presence of quality light is essential for a positive study environment. Sometimes the lights that are already in the room are not enough or there is not enough arrangement of light for reading on the bed etc. Make sure you put extra lights on your bed, study lamps, or any extra lights on the table. Remember that if the room is dark or the light is dim, it can affect your eyesight and cause headaches. Try to use natural light for daytime study.

Filing system

What could be better than being managed through a filing system? When reading material is collected, filing it makes things easier. You will need cabinets and drawers for this. For additional help, office boxes etc. can also come in handy if you keep a chit of the relevant article and their notes. That way you’ll always be able to remember where something is. Using a filing system saves you the stress of not getting things done at the last minute.

Standard table and chair arrangement

You should buy a standard table and armchair instead of reading in bed all the time. This is definitely an investment in education. Since you will spend a lot of your time on them, keep comfort and convenience in mind while shopping and there is no need to compromise in this regard. In particular, look for a chair that will support your back while studying.

Availability of required items

Make sure your desk has enough pens, pencils, standard calculators, books, textbooks, everything you may need while studying. If you don’t have all these items on your study desk, you will be distracted, and finding these items will waste your time. So, it is important to lookup for required items while studying. It is also a good idea to have food items such as beverages and snacks.

Wall clock

Because students read to the last minute during exams, having a clock is also important to improve the study environment. The clock is even better if it is right above your desk. In this way, the students will come up with the idea of ​​organizing their activities after looking at each time. Watching the time on a mobile phone can distract you and keep you busy checking notifications.

Background music

Avoid distractions while studying. Many students play light music while studying. It is possible that light music helps some students in their studies. But it is often observed that music distracts the students. So it’s best not to play background music.


Creating a perfect setup for the study isn’t possible for all. If you can’t manage to create a positive learning environment as described above don’t worry Online educational sites such as 92Campus are very useful for you. All sorts of things can be learned on these platforms. If you are having trouble creating a learning environment for study, these online learning platforms can be very useful for you. 92Campus is such an online educational platform where you can learn Quran Online, English Courses, Math Courses, and many more academic subjects and languages.

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