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Homeschooling versus online schooling: Which is one right for your kid?

Homeschooling vs. Online Schooling: Which Model Is Right for Your Kids?

Perhaps you just found that your friend’s kids are studying online, and you want to know more about it. Maybe you’re pulling your kids out of a local school and thinking of new options.  Whatever your reasons are, I’ll try to answer all those big questions that come into your mind. So find a cozy chair, settle in, and start your journey into the world of online education. If you’re on the fence and worried online schooling is right for you, here are some reasons why it works.

Who Rules the Roost?

Nearly nine million students in America had gone through at-home learning. And 67% of these homeschoolers graduated from college. It means old schools do not work. The figure above is a grassroots reaction to increases in violence and concerns about peer pressure and mass culture. While the debate goes on about the side effects of homeschooling, the reality is that it is growing.

But who is supplying the course materials to homeschoolers? How do parents get the training to teach their kids? Who helps them with academic record-keeping? How about college and career counseling for your kids? And what are the ways to resolve issues like discipline and fostering peer interaction with other kids?

Indeed, this is a challenging time for all of us. But online schooling is your answer. It uses the same at-home structure but with a set private-or-public school curriculum. Hired teachers help your kids stay focused on learning.

Why Do You Need Online Schooling?

Perhaps you’re weary of spending hours on homework after your kid returns from a full day at school. Reteaching the skills at night to a kid who passed the daytime hours at school is exhausting. Both you and your kid got frustrated. You’re both tired, and you want to get the work done and out of the way. And you may even quietly resent the intrusion into what used to be your family time.

Or, are you seeing your family values, traditions, or religious beliefs lessening? It is generally because your kid spends more and more time in school. Is it bothering you? Kids work best from a strong base. And that strong base is hard to build when your kid spends six to eight hours at school.

Is your kid’s lack of academic progress concern you? As every parent knows, each kid develops in his or her own time and own way. School materials are usually for the mythical middle-of-the-road kid who learns certain skills at certain times. If your kid fits outside the mold, he/she may fall behind in classes or show signs of stress. Pulling this kid out of public or private school and allowing him/her to study online takes the pressure off. It also allows you to spend as much time as necessary working through specific subjects or skills.

No matter what your reasons are, if they center around what’s best for you, they are valid and worth pursuing. Online schooling is all about meeting the needs of your kids. If the old ways no more meet such needs, and you’re willing to take the plunge, online schooling is a perfect fit.

So Are You Ready for Online Schooling?

Online schooling offers a new level of flexibility and the chance to optimize time. Indeed, time is the most valuable product for your kids. The pandemic also introduces unique challenges for parents, teachers, and kids alike. But today’s kids know more about technology than you. They are well aware of the new devices, have shown knowledge about them, and have strong preferences for specific brands. So there is a need for educators and policymakers to partner with parents to make the best decisions for kids.  

And there is practically no college- or high-school-level class today that cannot apply online education techniques. It would be hard to imagine a Bachelor of Science nowadays in which computers are not central. Bachelors of Arts programs lag only a little. It’s the rare subject in the old school that doesn’t involve Internet research. Many add multimedia tools like Google Classroom, Zoom, and podcasts. 

Many campuses are providing an online experience that meets the same high standards as old courses. This includes a presentation of your course outline, structure, and curriculum. It also involves how a campus plans its courses and who will serve as tutors.

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