92 Campus

Refund Policy for Intangible Goods

We do not charge for Trial Classes

  • 92 Campus provides the facility of three-day trial classes which is completely free and 92Campus will not charge any fee for the trails
  • The consumers will only be invoiced and charged once the consumer’s trial period is over and he/she is satisfied with services and show consent to pay a fee for our services

Which payment gateway we use for payment

  • 92 Campus always use the “2 Checkout” international payment gateway in order to receive payments from the consumer

Subscription cancellation and Refund

  • The consumer always secures the right to ask for the refund if the services that mentioned are not provided properly or the consumer is not satisfied with the services
  • Once the dispute for refund is created, “2 Checkout” will ask for the clarification from both the consumer and the service provider and decision on refund will be made over the mutual understanding of both parties
  • The consumer always secures the right to cancel weekly, month or yearly subscription anytime and cancel the subscription by providing the appropriate reason for cancellation

Automatic monthly subscription and manual payments

  • Once the invoice is generated, the consumer always secures the right to select any one of the below options;
  • Consumer can choose auto billing option, which will automatically pay the amount once the period is ended through the selected payment method such as credit or debit card
  • Consumer can disable this option, which will not automatically deduct amount from their credit or debit card once the period is ended