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Online English Classes

Our online English classes have a practical purpose. Those who express themselves in proper English can get a job, keep it, and move into high-salary positions. If you’re at desk (or in a school), you also need to learn basic rules of English grammar. No matter what subject you’re studying, your teachers favor proper English. So do the designers of tests. Whether you’re aiming for a job or a good grade, this course will help you reach your goal.


Why You Should Take Online English Classes with 92 Campus?

92 Campus has English teachers who explain words and concepts to each other daily. It is because teaching English is an extension of what they do naturally. And our online English courses help you zoom in on your language skills and structure them.

Our teachers have been teaching English for many years now. And they have found it an entirely a rewarding experience. In other words, they know how to get a job done and deliver effective, engaging English courses.

Unlike other platforms, we do not have photocopiable resources with ready-made lesson plans. Instead, our teachers will teach you to improve your sentences with adjectives, adverbs, and conjunction. They present each tense explaining what it does and what it looks like.

What Makes Our Online English Classes Unique?

In our online English classes, we address all your questions about written and spoken language, including a few you didn’t know you had. We do so without loading you up with obscure technology, defining terms only when you need them to understand what and why you’re supposed to do it.  This way you’ll learn which rules of English you can ignore – sometimes or even all the time. The goal is to ensure that the language you use conveys your ideas accurately and makes a good impression to your reader and listener.

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