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Why Choose Us?

92 Campus offers this unique and quirky course which is going to provide students with different activities and why we are focusing on activities related to language skills because it will enhance students learning plus will build their confidence to boost their fluency level.


We assure you to improve your vocabulary enhancement plus your hesitation while communicating with people in daily life or in jobs but regularity and commitment is required from your side in order to maintain and become good perfect speaker in the future.


Ramla Azhar

Spoken English tutor

Student-focused English tutor with 11 years experience in helping traditional students develop stronger Language skills. Highly skilled in instructional technology, and differentiated learning techniques to help students comprehend and retain lecture objectives.


M.Phil Linguistics (Latin, Greek, and English Language).


  • Spoken English Tutor in Domino English Learning Center (PAK) 2017- 2019
  • English Spoken Teacher in ES Dubai (UAE) 2016 – 2017
  • British Council Project Coordinator And IELTS Invigilator (PAK) 2014 – 2015
  • English Lecturer in Capital Law College (PAK) 2013-2014
  • English lecturer in RCC (PAK) 2012-2013
  • English Lecturer in Prince Salman Institute (KSA) 2009 – 2012

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February, 2020

Course Duration:                  2 Months
Class Duration:                     1 hour per day
Days per Week:                    5 days (Monday to Friday)
Fee Per Month:                     50 OMR/month

First Month (November)

1. First dummy class explanation of all activities
2. Introduction of all students
3. Discussion forum (Wednesday)
4. Picture story presentation activity
5. Grammar class

1. Role play activity
2. Radio activity
3. Discussion forum
4. Rapid fire activity
5. Grammar class

1. Debate sessions topic no 1
2. Debate topic no 2
3. Debate topic no 3
4. Debate topic no 4
5. Grammar class

1. Movie trailer presentation
2. Documentary presentation
3 Discussion forums
4. TV show activity
5. Grammar class

Second Month (December)

1. Product marketing
2. Discussion forum
3. Discussion forum
4. Country profile activity
5. Grammar class

1. Phonetics
2. Discussion forum
3. Discussion forum
4. Drama activity
5 grammar class

1. Accent class differences between American and British accent
2. Role plays activity on both accents
3. Oral comprehension activity
4. Profession card activity
5. Grammar class

1. Word image explanation activity (Random one)
2. Personality development activity-1
3. Personality development activity-2
4 discussion forum
5. Grammar class

Course Duration:                  2 Months
Class Duration:                     1.5 hour per day
Days per Week:                     2 days (Saturday & Sunday)
Fee Per Month:                     40 OMR/month

First Month (November)

Saturday:  Introduction of the students
Sunday:    Discussion forum (Detail discussion on the general topics)

Saturday:  Discussion forum
Sunday:    Debate sessions

Saturday:   Grammar lectures
Sunday:     Grammar lectures

Saturday:   Discussion forum
Sunday:     Role plays activity

Second Month (December)

Saturday:  Discussion forum
Sunday:    Radio activity

Saturday:   Movie trailer activity
Sunday:     Phonetics

Saturday:  Grammar lectures – 1
Sunday:    Grammar lectures – 2

Saturday:  Accent class
Sunday:    British and American accent role play activity