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Online Math Course

We’ve designed this online math course only for those who have ever said, “I’m no good at math.” We hear it all the time. But it doesn’t mean we all are stupid – we are far from it in fact. The problem lies somewhere in not knowing how much of what we do every day involves math. For example, whenever you cross the road, you ask, “How wide is the road” and “how far away is it?” You do all these calculations in your heads without saying I’m not good at math.

The more you know about the things you do, the easier they will become. Be sensible. But whenever you see something that’s a bit fiddly, try to avoid saying I can’t do that. This course is all about what you can do.


What’s Special About Online Math Course?

It’s all about ways to boost your confidence and set you up to get on top of your math studies with a big goofy grin. Best of all, in this online math course, 92 Campus will help you to:

  1. Master arithmetic basics
  2. Understand how to solve complex problems
  3. Know the rules of math
  4. Sign up for a math prep class or a math study group
  5. Take practice tests and check your answers, and
  6. Get familiar with the calculator ahead of time.

Why You Should Take Online Math Classes with Us?


We do not hire math mechanics who wear tweed jackets, thick glasses, and a bad comb-over. That tweed generation is dying out. Think of our mathematicians as your friends who will help you get past your I’m-not-good-at-math type of fears. They will show you how you can do math well you already know and use that base. This way, with a bit of work, you can master the bits and pieces of math you don’t have down to a tee. We know you’re smart. And we believe in you.

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