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Online Quran Classes for Kids

One of the top-class online academies, 92Campus is considerably the best platform for the kids who want to start learning the Holy Quran by using the latest technology as the mean of communication. 92Campus is one of the best and emerging educational site for Online Quran Classes and other academic subjects.

At 92Campus, our aim to make the learning of the holy book very convenient for everyone by providing the one on one lesson during the interactive online classes with the kids.

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Our qualified and professional Quran tutors are available 24 hours a week in order to teach how to recite the Holy Quran to your kids in a proper and accurate way.

We also provide the special training to the students through the online interactive classes to help them reading the memorizing the holy book.

Online Quran Learning for Kids

The holy book of Quran is from Allah and revealed on our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) around fourteen hundred years ago and it is very essential for every Muslim to learn how to recite it.

Muslim parents should teach their children too. With an aim to make it easy, our Online Quran Academy is providing an opportunity for kids to learn the Holy Quran.

The Online Quran Classes are one of the easiest and effective ways for the kids. Our online professional tutors teach the kids in a better way to make them understand the holy book as well as learn about our religion Islam.

We are committed to providing the best assistance to your kids in the Online Quran Learning process. If you are living in a country where it is very difficult to find the best Quran tutor for your kids, don’t worry about it because 92Campus is always at your service and teach your kids how to Learn Quran Online.

We have designed our Online Quran Course according to the kids’ requirements. The first step of learning the holy book of Allah is to learn the Noorani Qaida which contains the basic lessons and vocabulary of the Arabic language.

It is inevitable for every kid to first learn the Noorani Qaida before starting learning the holy book. We teach the Arabic language alphabet and their phonic sound in the well-designed Quran course. In order to make it perfect, we also teach our students the important symbols and signs that help them in reciting Allah’s book.

If you think you should teach your kids how to recite the holy book with accurate pronunciation, you must sign up for an online Quran course.

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