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Online Quran Memorization Classes

Allah said,

And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, but is there any that will remember?” [al-Qamar: 17].

This verse means that Allah has made the Quran easy to understand and remember, and He will help whoever wishes to memorize it.

Those who commit the entire Quran to memory are hafidh (plural, huffadh) or preservers of the Quran. Huffadh are responsible for helping others memorize the Quran. This teacher-student tradition goes back to our beloved Prophet (PBUH), who himself memorized the Quran with Angel Gabriel. The companions then remembered it with him (PBUH) as their teacher. In successive generations, other young Muslims follow suit with those companions as their teachers. This oral tradition continues even today.

Memorization is vital to carry out the five daily prayers that require the recitation of passages from the Quran. As such, memorization of the Quran remains an essential part of the Muslim experience to this day.

Is it Necessary to Memorize the Quran?

Yes, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) himself heartened memorization of the Quran in many of his sayings (hadiths). Most of his companions memorized large parts of the Quran, and some, including three of his wives, memorized the entire Quran. This way, the Prophet (PBUH) also encouraged haffadh to teach it to others. He sent special envoys to various areas for this purpose once Islam began spreading everywhere.

What’s So Unique about Quran Memorization Classes Online?

This course is unique as our hired tutors exercise intense repetition of the verses to ensure that a student stores it correctly in memory.  And during this tenure, our students will devote their time reading, memorizing, repeating, and rehearsing their memorization of the Quran. Students will come to class daily to rehearse several times before checking the memorized verses with their tutors. They can proceed to the next verses only if their tutors verify memorization of the previous verses to be perfect.  So get yourself enrolled today!

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