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Homeschooling versus online schooling: Which is one right for your kid?

Homeschooling vs. Online Schooling: Which Model Is Right for Your Kids?

Perhaps you just found that your friend’s kids are studying online, and you want to know more about it. Maybe you’re pulling your kids out of a local school and thinking of new options.  Whatever your reasons are, I’ll try to answer all those big questions that come into your mind. So find a cozy chair, settle in, and start your journey into the world of online education. If you’re on the fence and worried online schooling is right for you, here are some reasons why it works.

Who Rules the Roost?

Nearly nine million students in America had gone through at-home learning. And 67% of these homeschoolers graduated from college. It means old schools do not work. The figure above is a grassroots reaction to increases in violence and concerns about peer pressure and mass culture. While the debate goes on about the side effects of homeschooling, the reality is that it is growing.

But who is supplying the course materials to homeschoolers? How do parents get the training to teach their kids? Who helps them with academic record-keeping? How about college and career counseling for your kids? And what are the ways to resolve issues like discipline and fostering peer interaction with other kids?

Indeed, this is a challenging time for all of us. But online schooling is your answer. It uses the same at-home structure but with a set private-or-public school curriculum. Hired teachers help your kids stay focused on learning.

Why Do You Need Online Schooling?

Perhaps you’re weary of spending hours on homework after your kid returns from a full day at school. Reteaching the skills at night to a kid who passed the daytime hours at school is exhausting. Both you and your kid got frustrated. You’re both tired, and you want to get the work done and out of the way. And you may even quietly resent the intrusion into what used to be your family time.

Or, are you seeing your family values, traditions, or religious beliefs lessening? It is generally because your kid spends more and more time in school. Is it bothering you? Kids work best from a strong base. And that strong base is hard to build when your kid spends six to eight hours at school.

Is your kid’s lack of academic progress concern you? As every parent knows, each kid develops in his or her own time and own way. School materials are usually for the mythical middle-of-the-road kid who learns certain skills at certain times. If your kid fits outside the mold, he/she may fall behind in classes or show signs of stress. Pulling this kid out of public or private school and allowing him/her to study online takes the pressure off. It also allows you to spend as much time as necessary working through specific subjects or skills.

No matter what your reasons are, if they center around what’s best for you, they are valid and worth pursuing. Online schooling is all about meeting the needs of your kids. If the old ways no more meet such needs, and you’re willing to take the plunge, online schooling is a perfect fit.

So Are You Ready for Online Schooling?

Online schooling offers a new level of flexibility and the chance to optimize time. Indeed, time is the most valuable product for your kids. The pandemic also introduces unique challenges for parents, teachers, and kids alike. But today’s kids know more about technology than you. They are well aware of the new devices, have shown knowledge about them, and have strong preferences for specific brands. So there is a need for educators and policymakers to partner with parents to make the best decisions for kids.  

And there is practically no college- or high-school-level class today that cannot apply online education techniques. It would be hard to imagine a Bachelor of Science nowadays in which computers are not central. Bachelors of Arts programs lag only a little. It’s the rare subject in the old school that doesn’t involve Internet research. Many add multimedia tools like Google Classroom, Zoom, and podcasts. 

Many campuses are providing an online experience that meets the same high standards as old courses. This includes a presentation of your course outline, structure, and curriculum. It also involves how a campus plans its courses and who will serve as tutors.

Find a math tutor near you

Got “Mathsy” Problems to Resolve? Get a Top Math Tutor Near You!

Got stuck with tricky math? You are NOT alone! Everyone (even the most brilliant mathematician on Earth) makes mistakes. And if you’re feeling blue over mathsy things that didn’t go as you expected, just remember: Practice makes us all perfect in math. Why? It’s because math differs from other subjects in which you can just read or listen and absorb the information. The only way to figure out how the math rules work and relate to one another is to get into the problems. So get your hands dirty online, so to speak, and find a math tutor near you! 

Why a Math Tutor Near You (aka Online)?

We all need help when we have some mathsy things to do. Textbooks won’t work alone. And any study buddy that meets you where you are and gives easy-to-follow instructions is all you need.

What if you’d get that buddy in the comfort of your home? Such a math tutor near you or on your phone is a blessing. And e-learning differs from an old setting in which you were either to flock to the teaching center or to visit your tutors at their homes.

Nothing remains the same. You too are a lot different from what you were 10 years ago. So you need NOT to rely on your school teaching only; you can also find your top tutor online. It’s a present-day version of the old tuition, with a unique edge that you need NOT to commute.

An online math tutor will also help you study math concepts and succeed at your own pace. And you can learn a lot from them, including:

  1. Primer (An introduction to math)
  2. Single-digit addition and subtraction
  3. Multiple-digit addition and subtraction
  4. Single and multiple-digit multiplication
  5. Fractions
  6. Decimals and percents
  7. Pre-algebra (negative numbers, order of operations, and solving for the unknown)
  8. Algebra 1 (graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, and unit multipliers)
  9. Geometry (points, lines, planes, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, Pythagorean theorem, conic sections, and proofs)
  10. Algebra 2 (factoring polynomials, quadratic formula, and graphing conic sections)
  11. Pre-Calculus (with trigonometry, identities, polar equations, logarithms, sequences, limits, and other topics)
  12. Calculus (derivatives, integrals, calculus applications, and differential equations)

Get On-the-Go Access to a Math Tutor Online!

So get on-the-go access to your math tutor any way you need – from your PC, cell phone, or tablet. Track your pace and view reports that show where you need to study the most. And then do it. Study what, where, when, and how you want.

The beauty of an online math class is that you can learn and focus only on the areas that give you the most trouble. Or, if you’re short on time but want to get a mixed bag of a limited number of math puzzles, you can plug into problems you want to practice and that many (or a few) of a variety appears.

So Get Yourself Plugged-In!

Why? Let me tell you by giving you an example of a home appliance. Last night I put leftovers into my air fryer to reheat them for dinner. I set the timer and walked away. When the timer went off and I opened up the fryer, my dinner was still ice cold! I forgot to plug it in!

Upon realizing my mistake, I said these words to myself aloud: “it isn’t going to work if you don’t plug it in!” And this made me think how often have I expected other things to work in my life… without plugging them in?

Or, how often have I waited for something to happen when I wasn’t plugged in? I thought back to the math courses I enrolled in but never even started. Ideas I had that never “panned out.” Why didn’t I start? Why didn’t the ideas work?

No course or idea will work unless you’re ready. We must be realistic about it. Nothing worth doing ever does! And just like home appliances, we only work when we’re all plugged in.

The difference is that my air fryer was made to reheat my dinner. You were not. So don’t let your fears of making mistakes dictate your decisions. And get enrolled to learn math from a math tutor near you!

Beware Parents: Your Kid is not “Falling Behind” in Math

Your kid is not falling behind in math. Find a math tutor near you to get help!

Remember: Your kid is right there where he needs to be; he is NOT behind. In fact, e-learning has made math learning easy. It’s a chance for you to focus on the individual needs of your child. As a panacea in the time of COVID-19, it’s efficient and cost-effective as well. And your kids will love learning math online, as it saves time and pain involved.

Digital classes will also entice and engage your kids, relieving them of the dullness they may experience in old methods. It is also a proven way to impart a higher retention rate of the lesson.  So get your kid enrolled in an online math class now!

5 Reasons to Convince you Why Online Quran Learning is Better for Your KIds

5 Reasons to Convince You Why Online Quran Learning is Better

Let’s face it: You find yourselves confused about how and why online Quran learning is better. And you have no choice but to go for an offline option (or a madrassa, a school that educate millions of students in the Muslim world). Too often, you’re left to flounder with limited to no guidance. It’s because most of you are less familiar with the tools that come with it. There are many convincing reasons to move you to online Quran learning: time-saving, convenience, and reduced budgets. But can it be more effective than offline learning? Yes! 

Online Versus Offline Quran Learning

Ask any Muslim to describe a madrassa. Most will tell you about a physical space along with you as students and Qarees who assume specific roles. The Qaree decides what to teach, passes on the information to you, and awards scores to show your progress. You sit right in front of them, do the work given, and perform tasks that measure how much you’ve achieved. That is an old model, and we’re all familiar with it.

Yet ask someone about online Quran learning. You’ll get a different view. If you have ever read an article or watch a YouTube video, you are learning online.

But why online Quran learning is better? It is because online Quran courses are much more than reading or watching. They are rich experiences where you engage with the content, chat with tutors, and learn the Quran.

You might think that an online class is about a tutor lecturing on a subject and serving as the only source for answers. It is a common misconception. It is much less teacher-centric, as it centers more on students.

How Online Quran Learning Works?

There are plenty of tools and resources available for you to know how online Quran learning works. They all make your journey exciting. When you’re by yourself, knowledge and productivity are important. Here are some reasons for your tool chest:

1.    Learning the Quran Has Never Been That Easy!

For a beginner, it is easier than ever. In the past, people felt that to learn the Quran, they had to plow lots of time, money, and effort. But whether you’re out to memorize the Quran or just want to read it, you can do it now with less time and less money. Just don’t skimp on the effort.

2.    No More Traveling

The great payoff is location. With the offline Quran learning, you have to travel to get ready, drive out, and find a parking spot. With the online Quran learning, however, your tutor can teach you anywhere in the world. It also eliminates, or reduces, ancillary, non-learning expenses, such as travel and lodging costs.

3.    Flexibility and Speed

Another difference is the flexibility offered. Online Quran learning usually has a more flexible timescale. You get to work when it works for you.

Flexibility and speed in Quran learning online.

Say you’re a manager assigned to the third shift, and you work from 11 PM to 7 PM. You may be able to fit in a morning class, but chances are, your cycles put you in a sleepy state after work. You could sleep a little and then wake up and take a night class before your shift, but then when will you do your work? And, what about tomorrow night? Wouldn’t it be great to work your course around your schedule?

You can fit the learning into your busy schedules whenever you want. Unlike the offline option, where you might feel self-conscious about asking a tutor to repeat something, you will get to set the pace to accommodate your own learning style and schedule. And the offline model doesn’t offer as much flexibility to both teacher and learner.

Balancing work, family, and commitments is hard at best. Online Quran learning allows you to address your professional growth needs at a time. That is more flexible with your ways of life.

4.    Low Cost

Online Quran learning costs you less.

Unlike offline learning options that require you to shell out a lot of money, the online method is within your means. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

5.    Tutor-Led Online Sessions

When confusion or issues arise, you aren’t stuck with the canned material. You can ask tutors to clarify and give examples to clear up all questions.

Why online Quran learning is better?

Instead of the offline setup, where the tutor spends most of his time lecturing all students, the online model maximizes his value by focusing on one-on-one interactions, with personalized advice on how to learn the Quran well.  

We’re Here to Help!

If you’re still thinking about why online Quran learning is better (it’s all the rage these days), but you’re concerned about getting lost in the electronic fray, worry no more. We are here to help you, providing you with a hands-on learning experience that includes the online course. Consider us your primer.

Online Quran Classes in the UK

Best Academy for the Online Quran Classes in the UK

It is very obligatory for every single Muslim to learn about religion Islam. In today’s busy life, everyone is running out of time and everyone is looking for options that save precious time. In order to facilitate students in learning the Holy Quran, the Online Quran Classes are one of the best options to consider. 92 Campus is providing Online Quran Classes in the UK.

The Online Quran Learning provides a facility to have high-quality Quran courses which make the students learn how to recite the holy book while living at the home.

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If you are living in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), or Canada and looking for the professional Quran tutors for you or your kids then you have landed at the right place.

92Campus is an Online Quran Academy and providing the best Quran learning solutions to hundreds of thousands of students from around the world.

We have designed several Quran learning courses for beginners and intermediate students. Our professional and qualified Quran teachers are providing the best services in different languages which make it very simple for the students to learn the holy book.

We have the well-educated tutors from the different Islamic institutions of Pakistan as well as of the world who are the professional Arabic speaking Quran tutors and they are busy in teaching the students how to recite the holy book with accurate pronunciation.

The Holy Quran was revealed in the Arabic language which makes it difficult to understand for the people especially living in the non-Arabic countries. We, at 92Campus, also provides the Arabic grammar course to the students which help them understand the holy book of Quran in a better way.

One of the several benefits of the Online Quran Academy is that we provide the 100 per cent flexible online Quran Courses which means that you are free to choose the timing of the online classes according to your time schedule. The main thing we are focusing on is to provide the best Quran teaching services to everyone.

If you are interested in choosing the best online Quran Academy for your kids, feel free to contact us anytime and enrol to the Quran course.

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes for Kids

One of the top-class online academies, 92Campus is considerably the best platform for the kids who want to start learning the Holy Quran by using the latest technology as the mean of communication. 92Campus is one of the best and emerging educational site for Online Quran Classes and other academic subjects.

At 92Campus, our aim to make the learning of the holy book very convenient for everyone by providing the one on one lesson during the interactive online classes with the kids.

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Our qualified and professional Quran tutors are available 24 hours a week in order to teach how to recite the Holy Quran to your kids in a proper and accurate way.

We also provide the special training to the students through the online interactive classes to help them reading the memorizing the holy book.

Online Quran Learning for Kids

The holy book of Quran is from Allah and revealed on our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) around fourteen hundred years ago and it is very essential for every Muslim to learn how to recite it.

Muslim parents should teach their children too. With an aim to make it easy, our Online Quran Academy is providing an opportunity for kids to learn the Holy Quran.

The Online Quran Classes are one of the easiest and effective ways for the kids. Our online professional tutors teach the kids in a better way to make them understand the holy book as well as learn about our religion Islam.

We are committed to providing the best assistance to your kids in the Online Quran Learning process. If you are living in a country where it is very difficult to find the best Quran tutor for your kids, don’t worry about it because 92Campus is always at your service and teach your kids how to Learn Quran Online.

We have designed our Online Quran Course according to the kids’ requirements. The first step of learning the holy book of Allah is to learn the Noorani Qaida which contains the basic lessons and vocabulary of the Arabic language.

It is inevitable for every kid to first learn the Noorani Qaida before starting learning the holy book. We teach the Arabic language alphabet and their phonic sound in the well-designed Quran course. In order to make it perfect, we also teach our students the important symbols and signs that help them in reciting Allah’s book.

If you think you should teach your kids how to recite the holy book with accurate pronunciation, you must sign up for an online Quran course.

Hire best teachers for online Quran classes

Hire Best Teachers for Online Quran Classes

92 Campus is one of the leading online academies for Islamic and other academic educations for kids as well as for adults. At 92 Campus, we offer people an opportunity to learn how to recite the Holy Quran from our expert Online Quran Teachers.

Our qualified teachers provide an opportunity to have one on one live classes with them while staying at home. We use technology for the educational purpose and teach our students through one of the best telecommunication applications, Skype, that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls.

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If you are looking to hire a qualified Qari for your kids or for you even, then you are at the right place because here you can learn to recite the Holy Quran through the Online Quran Classes. Our experts meet all requirements of students of all age groups.

Finding Qualified Teachers for Online Quran Classes in your area

Finding a qualified Quran tutor in your local area is a very difficult and hectic thing to do. If you even find anyone, you might not be able to join the classes during the time slot which your tutor has specified for you. You might not be able to travel daily to take classes. Or even your tutor might not be able to daily visit your place to teach you the holy book of Allah (SWT).

These are the issues that you might not face when you choose the take the online Quran classes. Because you always have time freedom and you will choose the time when you are comfortable to take the classes. Second, you don’t have to travel to any location to take a one-hour class right after you return from your school after spending seven to eight hours.

On the other hand, if you have decided to go for online Quran classes, you can easily choose the qualified Quran tutors by going through their profiles, you can also have the trial class facility to keep yourself satisfied before even paying the fee.

In order to assist the Muslim students around the world, our Quran teachers are very fluent in speaking English and they also have good communication skills which help them to motivate students in learning the holy book.

Get yourself enrolled today.

Four Reasons why online Quran classes are the best option to learn

Four Reasons Why Online Quran Classes are the Best Option to Learn

When you are living away from the city center, it is very strenuous to find a qualified Qari (Quran teacher for Online Quran Classes) for your children to learn how to recite the Holy Quran.

If any of the qualified Quran teachers have agreed to come this far, he would demand a high salary, and sometimes he will ask for the time slots that might disturb your child’s schedule. Joining a Quran teaching institutes is also a very time-consuming option as well as it increases your expenses.

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While keeping these reasons in mind, we would love to suggest you to sign up for the online Quran classes. Online learning is very effective and economical, which also saves your precious time and your money, of course.

There are several reasons that show that online Quran learning through online classes is more effective than traditional on-campus schooling. Some of them are mentioned under:

Qualified Teachers

The online academies have hired well-qualified teachers for their students because those tutors not only have to teach the local community, but they have to interact with the students who are living in different parts of the world. To do so, you have to be qualified, confident, and a master in the field which is a very important aspect of online teaching.

At 92 Campus, we have hired as many as 30 best Quran reciters who are providing quality education to the hundreds of the students joined the academy from around the world. All of our tutors have completed their study from the different reputable universities in Pakistan and from other countries of the world.

Affordable Fee

Saving money while having quality education is one of the greatest advantages of taking the online Quran classes. You will have to pay only for the time you will take the classes and the fee structure is the same for everyone no matter in which area you are living in.

At 92 Campus, we aim to provide quality Quran education to the students while not keeping the money in our minds. The only thing that matters for us is to make our students able to learn the Holy Quran and recite Allah’s message in a way it should be recited. We focus on students’ learning abilities, not on the students’ money.

Zero travel time

The best thing about taking the online Quran classes is that you don’t have to travel to the campus regularly and spending your money and time to learn how to recite the Holy Quran. Imagine, your kid, after coming from school, has to go to another destination to learn another subject which might be far away from your home than the school.

Your kid would get exhausted from going and coming to such classes. After choosing an online Quran learning program, you can easily avoid commuting and easily learn without leaving your home for the second time in a single day.


Being an online student, your kid will develop the self-discipline, self-motivation, and also learn the time management. Learning these things is very valuable for your kid to be a good man in life.


Is Online Education System as effective as traditional on-campus Education?

According to a study on online learning, over 6 million students across the globe have registered at least one online course and taking benefits from the technology.

Although the online education system represents a unique experience than the traditional in-person schooling, this format of study continues to get strong day by day, especially among the working professionals and the students who don’t want to join the on-campus classes.

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After experiencing an increase in popularity, a question occurs whether the online education system is as much effective as the traditional on-campus education system. Is this system providing students the information they need to earn a degree and to elevate their career is a specific field?

If you are considering earning an online degree or you are interested in taking an online course, there is good news for you. According to a recent study, the online courses are as much effective as the traditional study and help students to learn things the way they learn in a classroom or a lecture hall.

There is a new trend which is being set in the higher education, which is being led by the students willing to take control of their education model, set their own schedules to take classes, and gain an indispensable experience through the online education format.

The major reason behind the increment in the online education trend is that it allows the students to continue their education program and allow them to pursue their personal and professional ambitions.

It is pertinent to mention here that the first online degrees were offered back in 1995. At that time, the students didn’t have that many incentives to study online, as the number of available online courses was very limited. But today’s online education system allows students to earn undergraduate degrees in several fields. According to the details, several institutes are even providing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, and a certificate in several fields including criminal justice, security studies, media advertisement, and many other fields.

The traditional on-campus education system can be much more expensive than the online schooling, regardless you have to live on the campus or rent an apartment near your campus. If you chose an institute outside of your current hometown, then you will face more expenses on travelling.

This is the primary reason many students adopt the online education format so they can take the classes without leaving home. They surely have to pay to the institutes offering the online courses, but they can save money on relocating cost, campus-related expenses, commuting fees, and other price-tag items.

If you are interested in choosing an online course, contact us and our enrollment counselor will contact you directly.

Why 92campus is the best online academy?

Why 92Campus is the best Online Academy?

Over the past few years, technology has become an essential part of the education system. The companies, operating from different parts of the world, are providing online learning facilities to the students without any time or country restrictions.

Joining the online academy attracts young students mostly because it is not that much expensive and provides a chance to have more free time.

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One of the top online academies, 92Campus, known as the best Online Academy is not just operating in any single country but providing online learning solutions to the students living in the different countries of the world.

We have a team of professional instructors who are teaching both the Quran and other science and academic subjects to hundreds of students mostly from the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), and Australia.

The reason why 92Campus remains at the top of the list of best online academies in the world because we don’t just provide quality teaching solutions but also make a learning environment during the online classes so that our students can learn things in a better way and don’t feel hesitation while asking anything from the tutors.

We, at 92Campus, have a team of 30 best reciters of the Holy Quran who are busy making the student able to recite Allah’s message with Tajweed in an accurate way. On the other hand, we also have more than 50 professional tutors from different reputable universities in Pakistan as well as from other countries.

All of our instructors are full-time professionals who are busy working 24 hours to provide the best e-learning services to the students. While keeping this in mind, you can choose any time to attend the online classes according to your convenient schedules.

Learn Mathematics by taking online match classes

Learn Mathematics by Taking Online Math Classes

Mathematics is a subject that includes the study of such topics as quantity (number theory), structure (algebra), space (geometry), and change (mathematical analysis). Mathematics is very compulsory in several fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, finance, and the social sciences. Another segment of it, Applied Mathematics has led to several other new disciplines of mathematics such as statistics and game theory.

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92Campus not only provides the Online Quran learning courses but also gives the students a chance to take other academic courses such as Online Math Classes by taking the online classes with one of the best online academies in the world. Online courses are a very trouble-free way to learn about any subject, including mathematics. In fact, a huge number of students are currently availing this facility of online courses to fulfill mathematics prerequisites for advanced computer science degrees.

Our qualified mathematics teachers are always available to provide you the Online Math Classes facility at your convenient time no matter in which country you are currently living. Our online academy provides you a flexible option to develop the skills you need while continuing to work, study, or doing any job to earn for your family.

The online model of study is less expensive than the on-campus study model. 92Campus offers a huge range of the courses in mathematics and logic, all of which are delivered by our top-level qualified instructors. You can find several courses which are available on our website that fit your specific career goals.