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Learn how to cut travel costs

Part-time Offline Learning, Full-time Headache: Learn How to Cut Travel Costs

Learning the Quran in a madrassa these days (from Monday to Friday every week) is hard. The cost of travel is either too expensive or not worth it for that price. It is true when you have to drive your kids to a madrassa. There is also a hidden cost or lurking fee. And while you pay it or move on five days a week, there are always some ways around it. It just takes a little legwork to cut such annoying travel costs.

Why Travel Costs are So Annoying?

Imagine you’re living on the outskirts of your city. Your house is several miles from the nearest madrassa or Islamic center. If you bring your kid to that madrassa to learn the Quran, it takes you about two to three hours in the traffic. You have to give six hours a day (four for traveling and two for the Quran class). So, you’ll have to devote 20 hours a week (4 x 5 = 20). And when you are back home with your kid, it would be your mealtime or naptime. It’s so annoying.

You’ll never consider the stress it puts on you to run here and there for 20 hours a week. It’s very time-consuming as well, as you’ll have to bring your kids home from school and then take them out again to a madrassa. And it’s hard.

Either cut your travel costs or it will become your full-time headache.

And your quest for learning the Quran in a madrassa will turn into a full-time headache if your working hours are anything but nine to five. You will never feel creative because you will NOT be able to finish anything on time. In the end, you’ll run late for everything. So it’s something you can’t measure, and you have to find ways to cut your travel costs.

Start by Managing Yourself to Get a Handle on Your Time

Time management is all about managing yourself. An award-winning instructor Erich C. Dierdoff is right when he says it’s more than sneaky hacks in our life.

Don’t believe me? Well, think about it for a second. Did you ever control time? Can you stop it now or even slow it down? No way. No one else has more time to invest than you do. But some succeed more often than others, and they do it without controlling time. They do it by disciplining themselves to make the most of every minute.

So you have to work on the ways to let go of your time-management anxiety. Trust me, the time that you may waste in going to learn the Quran in a madrassa is immense. The driving time and going and sitting and waiting time – it seems like everything is just about twice as long as or more than it needs to be.

And if you think that people who manage themselves are fanatical workaholics, you’re mistaken. Just the opposite is the case. So invest time in planning your time, and you’ll think of hundreds of ways to manage yourself.

And then Move Online to Cut Travel Costs

The beauty of online Quran classes is that you can take them no matter where you are in the world.

Go for online Quran learning, and say no to travel costs.

There is no more travel in it because it has now become more of a challenge than expected. It upsets your daily life. And it can throw your study plans into chaos.

So anyone of you with the need to cut travel costs can take online Quran classes easily. For example,

  1. Imagine you live in a rural area, and you have to drive in cold weather. Traveling even one or two hours to the madrassa in January can then become a dangerous ordeal for you. Contrast that to staying at home while you finish your reading of the Quran. And you pay zero in fuel, parking, and maintenance of your car.
  2. What if you have a disability that makes driving to the madrassa impossible, and you’re reliant on others for moving you? Again, if you learn the Quran online, you’re on your own. You do not need travel help.
  3. Not everyone lives near the bus stop or train station. Online Quran learning cancels such a need to find and fund private transport or hitch a ride with strangers.
  4. If you move a little further, you can see that online learning is your chance to take classes from anywhere. It may seem silly to consider, but you can live in Australia and learn from a campus in Pakistan with no travel costs incurred. In one session, we have students from Great Britain, Dubai, and the United States.

Final Words

The way madrassas serve their students has evolved with the dawn of online learning. Technology has redefined the scope of it. You can now study from home; in other words, you can cut travel costs. And that means more time to your family in the end.

5 Reasons to Convince you Why Online Quran Learning is Better for Your KIds

5 Reasons to Convince You Why Online Quran Learning is Better

Let’s face it: You find yourselves confused about how and why online Quran learning is better. And you have no choice but to go for an offline option (or a madrassa, a school that educate millions of students in the Muslim world). Too often, you’re left to flounder with limited to no guidance. It’s because most of you are less familiar with the tools that come with it. There are many convincing reasons to move you to online Quran learning: time-saving, convenience, and reduced budgets. But can it be more effective than offline learning? Yes! 

Online Versus Offline Quran Learning

Ask any Muslim to describe a madrassa. Most will tell you about a physical space along with you as students and Qarees who assume specific roles. The Qaree decides what to teach, passes on the information to you, and awards scores to show your progress. You sit right in front of them, do the work given, and perform tasks that measure how much you’ve achieved. That is an old model, and we’re all familiar with it.

Yet ask someone about online Quran learning. You’ll get a different view. If you have ever read an article or watch a YouTube video, you are learning online.

But why online Quran learning is better? It is because online Quran courses are much more than reading or watching. They are rich experiences where you engage with the content, chat with tutors, and learn the Quran.

You might think that an online class is about a tutor lecturing on a subject and serving as the only source for answers. It is a common misconception. It is much less teacher-centric, as it centers more on students.

How Online Quran Learning Works?

There are plenty of tools and resources available for you to know how online Quran learning works. They all make your journey exciting. When you’re by yourself, knowledge and productivity are important. Here are some reasons for your tool chest:

1.    Learning the Quran Has Never Been That Easy!

For a beginner, it is easier than ever. In the past, people felt that to learn the Quran, they had to plow lots of time, money, and effort. But whether you’re out to memorize the Quran or just want to read it, you can do it now with less time and less money. Just don’t skimp on the effort.

2.    No More Traveling

The great payoff is location. With the offline Quran learning, you have to travel to get ready, drive out, and find a parking spot. With the online Quran learning, however, your tutor can teach you anywhere in the world. It also eliminates, or reduces, ancillary, non-learning expenses, such as travel and lodging costs.

3.    Flexibility and Speed

Another difference is the flexibility offered. Online Quran learning usually has a more flexible timescale. You get to work when it works for you.

Flexibility and speed in Quran learning online.

Say you’re a manager assigned to the third shift, and you work from 11 PM to 7 PM. You may be able to fit in a morning class, but chances are, your cycles put you in a sleepy state after work. You could sleep a little and then wake up and take a night class before your shift, but then when will you do your work? And, what about tomorrow night? Wouldn’t it be great to work your course around your schedule?

You can fit the learning into your busy schedules whenever you want. Unlike the offline option, where you might feel self-conscious about asking a tutor to repeat something, you will get to set the pace to accommodate your own learning style and schedule. And the offline model doesn’t offer as much flexibility to both teacher and learner.

Balancing work, family, and commitments is hard at best. Online Quran learning allows you to address your professional growth needs at a time. That is more flexible with your ways of life.

4.    Low Cost

Online Quran learning costs you less.

Unlike offline learning options that require you to shell out a lot of money, the online method is within your means. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

5.    Tutor-Led Online Sessions

When confusion or issues arise, you aren’t stuck with the canned material. You can ask tutors to clarify and give examples to clear up all questions.

Why online Quran learning is better?

Instead of the offline setup, where the tutor spends most of his time lecturing all students, the online model maximizes his value by focusing on one-on-one interactions, with personalized advice on how to learn the Quran well.  

We’re Here to Help!

If you’re still thinking about why online Quran learning is better (it’s all the rage these days), but you’re concerned about getting lost in the electronic fray, worry no more. We are here to help you, providing you with a hands-on learning experience that includes the online course. Consider us your primer.

7 Reasons Why Online Quran Learning is the Future

COVID has forced many brick-and-mortar institutions to move online. Nearly all learners access courses and resources via online portals. A survey by Babson Survey Research Group reveals that 33% of students take at least one online class. That is a lot of online learning! Online Quran learning is no exception.

E-learning is booming, and it is here to stay, but who is #enrolling? A survey by Digital Learning Pulse Survey suggests that teachers also feel “more optimistic about the move online.” Still, it makes many of you tongue-tied. Chances are, you are reading this now because you are one of those learners.

Faculty-level satisfaction on online learning.

Source: Digital Learning Pulse Survey

Some of the pressing questions that come to your mind are what does it mean to learn the Quran online? How does it differ from a face-to-face class? How will I complete that course? Is it necessary? What resources are available if I need help? Here are your answers.

1. Work Around Your Schedule

Who isn’t triple-scheduled these days? There are so many demands of work, family, and community. Work-family balance is always a challenge. Few of us have time for classes, but we may have an hour here and there.

Are you the one juggling work and family? Managing your time to learn the Quran online will make you a successful student. You will have to dedicate study time and follow through with regular logins.

2. Save Time and Money

Many students are now online, but most wonder, “how much does it cost.” Online Quran learning is less expensive than traditional madrassas. Some sites allow you to pay in installments as well.

Let’s face it: Commuting 30 minutes to the madrasah can be expensive. Think of driving, finding space, and transportation costs. Contrast that to staying at home while you complete online courses. And you pay nothing in fuel, parking, and maintenance on a vehicle to boot.  

3. Complete Your Courses Sooner

A mixed blessing, many online institutes have accelerated programs that enable you to complete your courses sooner. It would not take you years to finish reading the Quran. Though you may take only one course at a time, online Quran learning moves fast. The good news is that such programs run year-round and advance you through certificates faster than they would otherwise.

4. No More Pettiness and Bias

No one is going to know whether you are shy or speak with a lisp when you are an online learner. What others care about are your ideas and the way you communicate with them. Many of you find this situation liberating.

5. Get Instructor-led Learning

That means an instructor determines the content and pace of the course. In a sense, it is no different from the madrasah experience. A 20201 annual survey found that teachers plan to continue using remote teaching methods now and post-pandemic.

Source: Bay View Analytics

In contrast to what you may think of a madrasah, with a teacher lecturing and learners soaking up the information, an online teacher provides resources for you to consider and then eases your understanding through a series of discussions or activities. You also get a free trial (an oft-underrated option of knowing about your institute) that places all balls in your court.

6. Online Quran Learning in the Presence of Children

Speaking of your school-going children, learning the Quran online or in their presence sends a strong message. It teaches them your values and the need to balance work, family, and school. Yes, children can see if you attend the madrasah five times a week, but it is different when they observe you logging in daily and keeping abreast of what’s happening online.

7. Learn the Quran from Your Heroes and She-roes

Albert Bandura, a Canadian-born American psychologist, states that we learn by imitating and observing others. His well-known research on aggression in children in the 1960s gave credence to his social learning theory. He asked three- and five-years-old kids to watch adults punching a Bobo doll. The result of the experiment revealed that children showed aggression and mimicked the behavior of the adult.

In a similar vein, a key feature of learning Quran online is the variety of heroes and she-roes it provides. Teachers who are professional and fluent in Arabic serve as both for children. Unlike when you’re learning the Quran from a local madrasah, your role model figure loves, hones, and fosters you online. Dr. Jeremy Sutton, a Ph.D. researcher studying the human capacity to push physical and mental limits, agrees that an interactive, one-on-one session with an expert online:

  • “Ensures proximity and repeated observation of actions and behavior of teachers,
  • Allows mimicking and practicing behavior with reflection.”

Overall, I believe learning the Quran online is the most efficient form of learning right now, and it is the future — but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! If you think that it cannot replace madrasahs, hit “comment” and let me know 🙂

Online Quran Classes

Why Online Quran learning is the Best Option for Muslims?

Online learning through the internet has become an integral part of today’s education system which changed the traditional form of education. Learning Quran recitation through the Online Quran Classes is being very popular among the students and the people are accepting it globally.

The internet-based learning uses modern technologies to teach people easily. One of the most important and greatest benefits of online Quran learning is that it increases the opportunities for Muslims around the world to study the holy book of the Quran with physically going to anywhere.

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The web-based of education is very flexible and self-organized. It is an innovative way of the leaning the holy book with the help of latest technologies. Online Quran Classes has become the most convenient way of learning how to recite the Holy Quran.

In today’s fast and busy life, there is a huge need for Online Quran Teachers because the Muslims around the globe are unable to find the qualified Quran tutor locally. To meet the need of Muslims, the online Quran academies are operating and providing the best educational services through the internet.

These Online Academies are the best and productive options for online learning. The online education offers several benefits this is the reason it gained so much important and popularity around the globe.

What do You Need to Start Taking Online Quran Classes?

This type of education is internet-based and that is why it needs some digital devices like PC/laptop, tablet, mobile phone device, and some other devices that support audio and video communication. The Online Quran Teaching Academy will decide which software you will be used for communication purposes. Different online academies use different applications for communication but Skype is one of the commonly used applications for online teaching.

What Are the Main Advantages of Online Education?

Online learning and teaching one of the best tutoring methods because it gives attention to each student. The online teachers try to make the learning process for the students more effective and interesting. If anyone thinks that he/she is a slow learner, then he/she should give online learning a try because it has the best solutions for slow learners. Always keep in mind that the education and the Quran learning courses are beyond the limitations.

It gives an opportunity to the people living in western countries such as United Kingdom, United States, and Canada to hire the best Quran Teacher from any Muslim country and easily learn how to recite the Holy Quran properly. Even the Quran Recitation Courses are also available online.

Online Education is for All Age Groups and Gender

The best this about the online Quran learning is it gives an opportunity to the students who are not physically able to attend the traditional on-campus Quran classes. A number of people are not able to join the traditional classes due to their age and mostly they feel shy to take join the classes by going to mosques.

The internet-based Quran learning allows the students of all age to take the classes online and learn how to recite the holy book with Tajweed. It also allows the students to study the holy Quran at the different levels in privacy with the teacher.

The web-based learning also gives a chance to the males and females students to enrol in such online courses to learn the holy book. According to a study, the number of females students is higher than the males who are taking online Quran courses because they feel more comfortable. But it is open for both men and women.