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Learn how to cut travel costs

Part-time Offline Learning, Full-time Headache: Learn How to Cut Travel Costs

Learning the Quran in a madrassa these days (from Monday to Friday every week) is hard. The cost of travel is either too expensive or not worth it for that price. It is true when you have to drive your kids to a madrassa. There is also a hidden cost or lurking fee. And while you pay it or move on five days a week, there are always some ways around it. It just takes a little legwork to cut such annoying travel costs.

Why Travel Costs are So Annoying?

Imagine you’re living on the outskirts of your city. Your house is several miles from the nearest madrassa or Islamic center. If you bring your kid to that madrassa to learn the Quran, it takes you about two to three hours in the traffic. You have to give six hours a day (four for traveling and two for the Quran class). So, you’ll have to devote 20 hours a week (4 x 5 = 20). And when you are back home with your kid, it would be your mealtime or naptime. It’s so annoying.

You’ll never consider the stress it puts on you to run here and there for 20 hours a week. It’s very time-consuming as well, as you’ll have to bring your kids home from school and then take them out again to a madrassa. And it’s hard.

Either cut your travel costs or it will become your full-time headache.

And your quest for learning the Quran in a madrassa will turn into a full-time headache if your working hours are anything but nine to five. You will never feel creative because you will NOT be able to finish anything on time. In the end, you’ll run late for everything. So it’s something you can’t measure, and you have to find ways to cut your travel costs.

Start by Managing Yourself to Get a Handle on Your Time

Time management is all about managing yourself. An award-winning instructor Erich C. Dierdoff is right when he says it’s more than sneaky hacks in our life.

Don’t believe me? Well, think about it for a second. Did you ever control time? Can you stop it now or even slow it down? No way. No one else has more time to invest than you do. But some succeed more often than others, and they do it without controlling time. They do it by disciplining themselves to make the most of every minute.

So you have to work on the ways to let go of your time-management anxiety. Trust me, the time that you may waste in going to learn the Quran in a madrassa is immense. The driving time and going and sitting and waiting time – it seems like everything is just about twice as long as or more than it needs to be.

And if you think that people who manage themselves are fanatical workaholics, you’re mistaken. Just the opposite is the case. So invest time in planning your time, and you’ll think of hundreds of ways to manage yourself.

And then Move Online to Cut Travel Costs

The beauty of online Quran classes is that you can take them no matter where you are in the world.

Go for online Quran learning, and say no to travel costs.

There is no more travel in it because it has now become more of a challenge than expected. It upsets your daily life. And it can throw your study plans into chaos.

So anyone of you with the need to cut travel costs can take online Quran classes easily. For example,

  1. Imagine you live in a rural area, and you have to drive in cold weather. Traveling even one or two hours to the madrassa in January can then become a dangerous ordeal for you. Contrast that to staying at home while you finish your reading of the Quran. And you pay zero in fuel, parking, and maintenance of your car.
  2. What if you have a disability that makes driving to the madrassa impossible, and you’re reliant on others for moving you? Again, if you learn the Quran online, you’re on your own. You do not need travel help.
  3. Not everyone lives near the bus stop or train station. Online Quran learning cancels such a need to find and fund private transport or hitch a ride with strangers.
  4. If you move a little further, you can see that online learning is your chance to take classes from anywhere. It may seem silly to consider, but you can live in Australia and learn from a campus in Pakistan with no travel costs incurred. In one session, we have students from Great Britain, Dubai, and the United States.

Final Words

The way madrassas serve their students has evolved with the dawn of online learning. Technology has redefined the scope of it. You can now study from home; in other words, you can cut travel costs. And that means more time to your family in the end.

Why You Should Learn to Recite the Quran with a Lovely Voice?

Quran is the word derived from the root word Qara’a, which means ‘to read’ or ‘to recite.’ The art of reciting the Quran is Tajweed, a system of rules ruling the correct way to recite the Quran. That is why, learning Tajweed is the duty of every Muslim. Allah says,

Recite the Quran with most pleasant pauses.

This way, God has taught our beloved Prophetﷺ to recite the Quran in “slow, measured, rhythmic tones.” Trust me: Nothing will be more pleasing or more fulfilling than reciting the Quran with the lovely voice (or “most pleasant pauses”).

Think of the most beautiful Quran reciters of our time. How do they read and recite the Quran? Take an example of the “sad, soulful, and bluesy” tone of the late Shaikh Nourin Mohamed Siddique. His matchless style made him the most lovable and beautiful reciter of the Quran.

How Allah Rewards Those Who Recite the Quran?

Allah lightens up the heart of the reciter with the Noor of Imaan. He protects you from the dark, distances you from evils, guides you to the straight path, and expands your chest with it. And Allah makes His angels pray for you with mercy and forgiveness.

Reciters will never run into loss. Allah says,

Reciters of the Quran will never run into loss.

Our beloved Prophetﷺ allows us to be jealous of reciters of the Quran. Heﷺ says,

There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Quran. A hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Mas’ud (R.A.) in Jami at-Tirmidhi says,

Allah will have a reward for those who recite the Quran.

So, we should recite the Quran because our beloved Muhammadﷺ describes the heart of a believer who does not read or memorize the Quran as a ‘deserted house.’

What are the Ways to Recite the Quran Beautifully?

There are four ways to recite the Quran:

  1. Hadr (in regular speed)
  2. Tartil (slowly with a sense of deep reflection)
  3. Tajweed Tahqiq (slowly but with more care), and
  4. Tajweed (at a normal-and-slow pace)

Your basic understanding of the Quran cannot be complete without listening to the oral recitation. Even if you do not know the Arabic words, reciting the Quran in four ways can give you a feel for the voice of the Book that evokes such emotions.

Learn the Quran: It is Not That Hard as You May Think!

Don’t just abolish the real purpose of recitation while reading the Quran many times over without paying attention to its meanings. Your aim should be to reflect, ponder, and slowly recite some verses than to read quickly. It is as if you are skimming over what you are reading. Your ‘true purpose’ of reciting the Quran should be to learn, think, and act.

But many of you may ask, “How would I pay attention?” Don’t worry. Most of the Arabic words derived from tri-literal (or quadri-literal) roots make it an easy language for you and your children (as non-Arabs) to learn Arabic.

Let’s try it. Add letters at the beginning, middle, and end of the roots. It will create well-structured meanings of the Arabic words.

For example, the letters Mu in Arabic at the beginning of a word express the notion of acceptance. The word for belief in Arabic is Amin. By putting Mu in place of A, you get Mumin, which means the one who has accepted belief, or a believer.

How easy is it? Isn’t it? Arabic at first seems quite hard for non-Arabs. But, structurally, linguists agree that it is not. It is because of its simple and logical pattern in forming words through their roots.

Recite the Quran Because It Softens Your Hearts

Many complain about the hardheartedness. They always look for ways to get rid of it. Indeed, the cure is to draw closer to the Quran. Allah says,

This way, when you recite the Quran, Allah internalizes divine speech in your heart. And when you recite it with a pure heart and mind, the naturally beautiful voice of the Quran comes out.

Overall, the art of reciting the Quran with a beautiful voice is not as hard as you may think. But, if you believe you cannot, get in touch! You can also get help to recite the Quran online with a lovely voice and pleasant pauses.