Four Reasons why online Quran classes are the best option to learn

Four Reasons Why Online Quran Classes are the Best Option to Learn

When you are living away from the city center, it is very strenuous to find a qualified Qari (Quran teacher for Online Quran Classes) for your children to learn how to recite the Holy Quran.

If any of the qualified Quran teachers have agreed to come this far, he would demand a high salary, and sometimes he will ask for the time slots that might disturb your child’s schedule. Joining a Quran teaching institutes is also a very time-consuming option as well as it increases your expenses.

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While keeping these reasons in mind, we would love to suggest you to sign up for the online Quran classes. Online learning is very effective and economical, which also saves your precious time and your money, of course.

There are several reasons that show that online Quran learning through online classes is more effective than traditional on-campus schooling. Some of them are mentioned under:

Qualified Teachers

The online academies have hired well-qualified teachers for their students because those tutors not only have to teach the local community, but they have to interact with the students who are living in different parts of the world. To do so, you have to be qualified, confident, and a master in the field which is a very important aspect of online teaching.

At 92 Campus, we have hired as many as 30 best Quran reciters who are providing quality education to the hundreds of the students joined the academy from around the world. All of our tutors have completed their study from the different reputable universities in Pakistan and from other countries of the world.

Affordable Fee

Saving money while having quality education is one of the greatest advantages of taking the online Quran classes. You will have to pay only for the time you will take the classes and the fee structure is the same for everyone no matter in which area you are living in.

At 92 Campus, we aim to provide quality Quran education to the students while not keeping the money in our minds. The only thing that matters for us is to make our students able to learn the Holy Quran and recite Allah’s message in a way it should be recited. We focus on students’ learning abilities, not on the students’ money.

Zero travel time

The best thing about taking the online Quran classes is that you don’t have to travel to the campus regularly and spending your money and time to learn how to recite the Holy Quran. Imagine, your kid, after coming from school, has to go to another destination to learn another subject which might be far away from your home than the school.

Your kid would get exhausted from going and coming to such classes. After choosing an online Quran learning program, you can easily avoid commuting and easily learn without leaving your home for the second time in a single day.


Being an online student, your kid will develop the self-discipline, self-motivation, and also learn the time management. Learning these things is very valuable for your kid to be a good man in life.