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the story of prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran

Basics of Islam: The Story of Prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran

The Quran is a book of guidance. Reading it is like going on an adventure – where you travel to distant lands, encounter fascinating people, and experience a whole new world. Think of the Quran as your travel book and of prophets as your tour guide. Why? It is because our prophets came to this world to tell us how to live in this world as instructed by Allah. This article is about Prophet Lut (AS) and his people. Now, fasten your seat belts. Put your lid on your latte. And prepare yourself to read the beautiful story of Prophet Lut (AS) to experience the Quran as you’ve never done it before. I’m sure you will relive the events and meet someone who literally changed our world.  

Who was Prophet Lut (AS)?

Hazrat Lut (AS) was a Messenger of Allah. He was also a nephew and follower of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). He was a resident of Ur, an ancient town in Mesopotamia (Iraq). But Allah commanded him to go to Sodom and Gomorrah for the guidance of people.

Why the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)?

There are many reasons to tell your kids about the story of Prophet Lut (As), but three of them are most important. The first one is that the inhabitants of Sodom were the most wicked people who had ever lived. They were full of evil and would ambush and kill travelers. Robberies were rampant. The strong stomped upon the weak, and the rich enslaved the poor. Lawlessness was everywhere.

The second reason was the widespread practices of sodomy. Most people were homosexuals and practiced anal sex in public. Prophet Lut (AS) strongly chided them for approaching men with sexual desire instead of women:

Prophet Lut (AS) strongly rebuked the people of Sodom

And the third reason was that the people of Sodom ridiculed him and threatened Prophet Lut (AS) to evict him from the cities by saying that this man wanted to be pure. Allah sent Prophet Lut (AS) to preach and make the people of Sodom give up unnatural and indecent practices. But the behavior of people disappointed him. Their evil practices had spread all through the land. The message and preaching of Prophet Lut (AS) had no effect. 

What Happened to the People of Sodom?

The story of Prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran showed us that one day three angels disguised as young boys came to Prophet Lut (AS) as guests. When the people of Sodom got the news, they came running and tried to enter his house. Allah says:

Prophet Lut (AS) and angels as his guest

They rejected the prophet’s appeal and said: “You know well that we have nothing to do with your (people’s) daughters. And you certainly know what we desire” (Quran 11: 79). And when the angels saw the anxiety of the prophet, they said:

Angels said to Prophet Lut (AS)

Before sunrise, a deadly earthquake overtook them with an extremely loud sound. Angels also rained stones on them. Not a single person survived in that city. The wife of Prophet Lut (AS) also was killed because she had sympathy with homosexuals.

So what you’ve learned from the story of Prophet Lut (AS)? We tried to keep it short and sweet for you; so you have time to read all the goodness over on our blog. Let us know what do you think? And if you, as parents, want your kids to learn the stories of our prophets in the Quran, we can help.

The story of Prophet Shu'ayb (AS) in the Quran

Basics of Islam: The Story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) in the Quran

How do your kids think? Are they unaware of the world around them? How do they respond to situations and analyze events? What’s going on inside the little mind? As a parent, these were some of the questions that floated around your mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside their heads and see what they are seeing, recognize what they are feeling, and appreciate why they are responding to you in a particular way? Kids love to learn from a stories. But instead of reading to them about made-up characters like Superman or Spiderman, why not make good use of that time? Your kids need to hear the narratives of our real-life heroes while they are young. And the best ones are the stories of our beloved prophets in the Quran. This article is about the story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS), who is one of the best role models for us and our kids to follow.

Why the Story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS)?

Muslim kids these days are confused about right and wrong. How can your kid growing up in a Muslim home where the Quran is central be that confused? Good question. Maybe you assumed that you knew right from wrong. But that’s the wrong assumption to make in this day and age.

We’re all in trouble that comes from our surroundings. We’re being raised in a wilderness that is both moral and spiritual. Believe it or not, our kids can survive in such a state even when a society has largely rejected the notions of truth and morality.

So can our kids survive? You won’t believe how easy it is to get started. Just open the Quran and read the stories of our prophets to your kids. Why?

Allah sent messengers to us to teach us the purpose of our lives. The Quran mentioned only 25 out of 1,24,000 prophets. But their stories were full of lessons.  Take, for example, the story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS). Allah sent him to the people of Madyan, a tribe of Arabs who lived from Ma’an (a present-day Jordan) to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Who was Prophet Shu’ayb (AS)?

Prophet Shu’ayb (AS), known in Biblical literature as Jethro, was the messenger of Allah. His mother was a pious and Allah-fearing daughter of Prophet Lut (AS), and his father was a direct descendant of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Prophet Shu’ayb was also an eloquent orator. Muslims honored him as “the preacher of the prophets.” His story is vital for our kids because it enlightens and enriches people of all ages.

Allah sent Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) to reform Madyan. Throughout his blessed life, he advised the people of Madyan to improve their behavior and give up their evil practices. Allah says:

Allah sent Prophet Shu'ayb (AS) to Madyan

 Most of them were proud and corrupt. They robbed each other and considered immorality as their birthright.

The story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) also tells us that there was no discipline for kids and no respect for the parents. They refused and ignored Prophet Shu’ayb (AS). Many even ridiculed him. And some of these men waited outside his house to harass him, his family members, and his followers, visiting him for guidance.

Who are the People of Madyan?

Allah gave the people of Madyan strength and power. Their area had been rich with fertile lands. The abundance and varieties of food enriched the nation. Most of them were traders, and their clients came from the surrounding areas of the desert. But, instead of thanking Allah for such blessings, they disobeyed Allah. They followed Satan and started worshipping idols. They had many gods.

As well as worshipping false gods, Madyans did other shameful things. The free flow of wealth made them arrogant and deceitful. They demanded money to let traders pass through their area. If the traders stopped in the markets to buy and sell, the Madyan traders cheated them. Sometimes the traders wanted to buy or sell grain, or precious metals like gold and silver. Then the Madyans secretly fixed their scales in their favor to deceive traders. This way, traders did not get a fair price. They lied about the quality of goods and hid their faults to fool foreign traders.

The story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) in the Quran also tells us that he called on his people to stop cheating, taxing travelers, and barring people from coming to him to learn:

Give full measures of weight with justice

He promised that if they’d accept his advice, Allah would bless their trading and make them even more rich and successful.

Madyans did not pay heed to him. They were so used to lying and cheating that they thought everybody else was a liar too:

People of Madyan called Prophet Shu'ayb (AS) a liar.

So, foolishly, they trusted nobody. Allah says:

The story of Prophet Shu'ayb (AS): People of Madyan said to Prophet Shu'ayb (AS).

Prophet Shu’ayb said, “My Allah knows very well what you’re doing.”

The Conclusion of the Story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS): A Terrible Earthquake

The leaders threatened Prophet Shu’ayb (AS). They hated him, and they were not patient. They also threatened the people of the town to stay away from the Messenger of Allah and not to believe him. One day, they seized all the belongings of Prophet Shu’ayb and his followers and drove them out of the town. Then the Prophet Shu’ayb prayed to Allah to judge who was truthful.

Then, the weather in Madyan became scorching hot. People tried to shelter in their houses. Some went out into the hills to try to cool down. But nothing worked. A billowing black cloud appeared in the sky. Madyans thought it would shade them from the sun. But there was a sound like thunder, and the earth began to shake violently. Burning rocks flew out of the dark cloud, and everyone was gasping for breath. By the next morning, they all lay dead, face down where they had fallen in their homes.

Bottom Line:

So what we have learned from the story of Prophet Shu’ayb (AS)? We’ve read that the people of Madyan and their arrogant leaders refused to listen to the prophet. The corrupt chiefs even summoned Prophet Shu’ayb and threatened him to stop preaching. Madyans were worried that the wealth they had accumulated would diminish if the nation reformed. And Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) and his followers had to leave Madyan and settle in a place where they were welcome. Allah punished people of Madyan, and Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) and his followers were remained unharmed and protected.

Read this story to your kids. You’ll see that it will shape their minds, thinking, and value system.