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The concept of paradise and hell in Islam

Basics of Islam: The Concepts of Paradise and Hell in Islam

What do your kids think about paradise and hell? They probably saw someone talking about it on TV, read about it in magazines, and heard about it in local mosques. But all of these sources can be confusing to your kids. You, as parents, need to describe the concepts of paradise and hell in Islam to your kids in expansive narratives. You should give them opportunities to learn more about the concepts, so they decide where they’ll spend eternity.

Why Paradise and Hell?

The concepts of paradise and hell in Islam are both a reality. The Quran tells us that both are real. Allah has given every person a choice – to (or not to) love or serve Him. Your kids might ask why a loving Allah would condemn anyone to hell. But the real question is, why would your kids reject the love of Allah? Allah wants everyone to experience eternal life with Him. And each person is bound for one or the other. The point here is not to scare your kids into believing in Allah – but it is the information that they must know.

Let’s Dig Deeper


Paradise is, first of all, Allah’s neighborhood. It’s the abode of Allah and the souls of the righteous. Allah has described it with every possible glorious adjective. For example, the Quran’s images of paradise are as beautiful as they are sensational:

Heaven is thus a place of peace, joy, and tranquility, and above all else, it’s close to Allah. Islam reiterates paradise as a walled garden, open to those who do good, avoid evil, truly repent for their wrongdoings, and believe in the Quran.


Hell is the final state of torment and punishment for the souls of the wicked. The Quran places equal emphasis on describing the hellfire for the souls that reject faith out of arrogance, deny the hereafter, and sin against themselves. For example, Allah says:

The concept of hell in Islam

The Concepts of Paradise and Hell are Not in Islam Only

Every religion explains the idea of what happens to us is the result of what we do. In Western religions, it’s called providence, and it means God judges us and rewards our goodness while punishing us for our sins. In Hinduism and Buddhist sects, this same idea is karma, and it’s that how we act in this life determines how we’ll live in our next life. The teachings of Islam are similar.

Let’s Learn About Paradise and Hell

The concept of paradise and hell in Islam is similar to the law of cause and effect: Whatever goes around, comes around. Easy, isn’t it? But if you’re still finding it hard, we’ve started a series of Basics of Islam. Both you and your kids can learn many basics, including the five pillars of Islam, the concepts of paradise and hell, and Islamic manners.  

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