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The story of Prophet Joseph (PBUH) in the Quran

Basics of Islam: The Story of Prophet Joseph (PBUH) in the Quran

Kids love hearing bedtime stories. They want to spend time with you, hear your voice, and get to know you better through the tales you tell. The narratives of our Prophets from the Quran work as powerful reminders of God’s work in our lives. Bedtime stories give your kids confidence through tough times and struggles of life in this wounded world. And when Islam contains the narratives of such ideal figures like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), and Prophet Joseph (PBUH), you never lack for stories to tell. This article is about the story of our Prophet Joseph (PBUH). I bet if you read it in front of your kids, you’ll find our Prophets will live in the lives of your kids.

Why This Story Only?    

Of all the narratives of the prophets in the Quran, the story of Prophet Joseph, the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), is perhaps the most beautiful and often retold. The Quran dedicates an entire surah to it. And it has been the best of the stories that Allah has revealed.

Prophet Yusuf experienced jealousy, hatred, pride, passion, deception, intrigue, and cruelty. His noble qualities were patience, loyalty, bravery, nobility, and compassion. That’s why his story is the most fascinating one in the Quran. It also gives insight into the depth of Allah’s power and supremacy. Indeed, there are many visible signs in the story of Prophet Yusuf for those who believe in Allah.  

Lessons Learned from the Story of Prophet Joseph (PBUH)

There is no other narrative in the Quran that contains such lessons and principles for all of us to learn. While all other accounts are scattered throughout different suras, the story of Prophet Joseph comes with great detail with his life history. There are instances from which “men of understanding” can take a warning and deduce various lessons. Allah says:

Lesson of warning in the story of Prophet Joseph (PBUH)

Revealing the manners of a Prophet in all his words and actions, Prophet Yusuf showed patience and forbearance when mistreated by his brothers. He also forgave them without leaving them feeling any guilt for their misdeeds. He told them:

patience and forbearance

All of the characters involved in the events described in the surah come to find the truth in the end.

This surah also contains lessons for people from all walks of life. It deals with all the religious, social, economic, political, and literary aspects of this worldly life. The story of Prophet Joseph also contains many lessons and reminders, such as patience and forgiveness, of times when one can repay cruelty and torture in kind.

Zulaykha and Prophet Joseph (PBUH) in the Quran

The man in Egypt who purchased Prophet Yusuf was named Qatfir, the finance minister of the King of Egypt Riyan b. Walid, commonly known as “Aziz of Egypt.” Zulaykha was his wife.

Prophet Joseph (PBUH) was the most handsome and beautiful male ever existed. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also called him “an embodiment of half of all beauty.” In that incident, Zulaykha tried to seduce Prophet Yusuf by locking the doors and trapping him in her room. In the Quran, Allah says:

Zulaykha and Prophet Joseph

And, while describing the story of Prophet Joseph, Allah says:

Zulaykha and Prophet Joseph

Then, when Prophet Yusuf tried to escape the woman’s temptation, she grabbed him from behind, ripping the back of his shirt. The master then suddenly opened the door. He found his wife and Prophet Yusuf in a conflict situation. The wife immediately accused Joseph of trying to seduce her (12: 25). Prophet Yusuf fought back, saying that the wife tried to seduce him and the evidence was in the torn shirt. If Prophet Yusuf’s shirt were torn from the front, the evidence would indicate that she was trying to escape him. But, as the shirt was torn from behind, it was clear that Prophet Yusuf tried to get away from her. The master accepted the evidence and condemned his wife for her actions (12: 26-29).

With the story of Prophet Joseph, the Quran goes out of its way to defend the honor and chastity of Prophet Yusuf. That is how Allah protects the innocence and role model capacity of the noble prophets and His persons.

Bottom Line:

See how beautifully Allah has told us the story of His beloved Prophet in the Quran. And when we read such naptime stories aloud in front of our kids, they would love to act the way our Prophets did. Your kids will also understand that Allah has a plan for all of us. All we have to do is to keep our faith in Him. Our Prophet Joseph could have also complained and asked our Allah about the adversities he met at every turn of his life, but he knew that Allah would take care of him. Don’t know how to start? Don’t worry. We can help!

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