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the story of prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran

Basics of Islam: The Story of Prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran

The Quran is a book of guidance. Reading it is like going on an adventure – where you travel to distant lands, encounter fascinating people, and experience a whole new world. Think of the Quran as your travel book and of prophets as your tour guide. Why? It is because our prophets came to this world to tell us how to live in this world as instructed by Allah. This article is about Prophet Lut (AS) and his people. Now, fasten your seat belts. Put your lid on your latte. And prepare yourself to read the beautiful story of Prophet Lut (AS) to experience the Quran as you’ve never done it before. I’m sure you will relive the events and meet someone who literally changed our world.  

Who was Prophet Lut (AS)?

Hazrat Lut (AS) was a Messenger of Allah. He was also a nephew and follower of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). He was a resident of Ur, an ancient town in Mesopotamia (Iraq). But Allah commanded him to go to Sodom and Gomorrah for the guidance of people.

Why the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)?

There are many reasons to tell your kids about the story of Prophet Lut (As), but three of them are most important. The first one is that the inhabitants of Sodom were the most wicked people who had ever lived. They were full of evil and would ambush and kill travelers. Robberies were rampant. The strong stomped upon the weak, and the rich enslaved the poor. Lawlessness was everywhere.

The second reason was the widespread practices of sodomy. Most people were homosexuals and practiced anal sex in public. Prophet Lut (AS) strongly chided them for approaching men with sexual desire instead of women:

Prophet Lut (AS) strongly rebuked the people of Sodom

And the third reason was that the people of Sodom ridiculed him and threatened Prophet Lut (AS) to evict him from the cities by saying that this man wanted to be pure. Allah sent Prophet Lut (AS) to preach and make the people of Sodom give up unnatural and indecent practices. But the behavior of people disappointed him. Their evil practices had spread all through the land. The message and preaching of Prophet Lut (AS) had no effect. 

What Happened to the People of Sodom?

The story of Prophet Lut (AS) in the Quran showed us that one day three angels disguised as young boys came to Prophet Lut (AS) as guests. When the people of Sodom got the news, they came running and tried to enter his house. Allah says:

Prophet Lut (AS) and angels as his guest

They rejected the prophet’s appeal and said: “You know well that we have nothing to do with your (people’s) daughters. And you certainly know what we desire” (Quran 11: 79). And when the angels saw the anxiety of the prophet, they said:

Angels said to Prophet Lut (AS)

Before sunrise, a deadly earthquake overtook them with an extremely loud sound. Angels also rained stones on them. Not a single person survived in that city. The wife of Prophet Lut (AS) also was killed because she had sympathy with homosexuals.

So what you’ve learned from the story of Prophet Lut (AS)? We tried to keep it short and sweet for you; so you have time to read all the goodness over on our blog. Let us know what do you think? And if you, as parents, want your kids to learn the stories of our prophets in the Quran, we can help.

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