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Understand the rights of the Holy Quran upon the reader

Whenever a person reads any book the purpose behind this act is to understand what he is reading to gather the knowledge and apply it in his daily life. The Holy Quran is the message from the creator of all creatures Allah (SAW) and most fortunate people apply it in their daily lives by putting an earnest effort to understand it.

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Around 1400 years ago, the first revelation of the Holy Quran which was revealed to the last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was “Read”. This first letter of the Holy Quran shows the importance of acquiring knowledge by reading.

Reading and understanding Quran are the rights of the holy book

Reading the Holy Quran and understand what Allah (SAW) said in this to the human beings are the two of the many rights of this holy book.

Attentive listening

In this Holy Book, Allah (SAW) says, “So when the Qur’an is recited then listen to it and pay attention so that you may receive mercy”. (Surah Al A’raf verse 204). But nowadays, the people who wish to listen to the holy Quran put on the recitation of the tape recorders, mobile devices, or laptops, and keep themselves busy with other routine tasks. This act is disobedience of Allah’s command and is an insult to the Holy Quran. So people should avoid doing so.


On another occasion, Allah (SAW) says, “Recite the Qur’an with measured recitation”. (Surah Al Muzammil verse 4). In this verse, Allah (SAW) directed the human being to recite the Holy Quran in a slow measured tone so that it could soothe and strengthen the mind and the soul of the reciter. The rules of the recitation, commonly known as ‘Tajweed’ also beautify the recitation immensely.


The last prophet of Allah (SAW) Muhammad (PBUH) says, “Verily, one who does not hold anything from the Quran in his heart is like a ruined house.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2913 on the authorization of Ibn Abbas). So by following the directives of the last prophet (PBUH), try to memorize at least one Surah every week.


At another spot, Allah (SAW) says, “Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?” (Surah Muhammad Verse 24). Through this verse, Allah Almighty directed us to read the holy book contemplating the depth of each ayah so that the meaning of every word Allah (SAW) said would penetrate into the reciter’s mind and reflect in his behaviors.

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