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Why Islamic Sciences and Academic Subjects?

It’s because there is no such platform available to our knowledge right now. We are pioneers in developing it for you to learn everything from Islamic sciences to Academic subjects. There are more coaching classes available here than you can imagine at a madrasah or a university, and everything starts with a free trial. And you can spend the rest of your life doing nothing but learning at 92 Campus.

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Courses and Subjects

Students Percentage 90%
Students Percentage 81%
Computer Science
Students Percentage 67%
Students Percentage 85%
Biology & Chemistry
Students Percentage 38%
Quran Recitation
Students Percentage 93%


Reading Quran

Quran has a vast ocean of knowledge that never ceases in its wisdom, no matter how much you study it. That is why, the Holy Book also has a natural rhyme and rhythm to it, and reciting it with a beautiful voice is not as hard as you may think. 92campus.com trains you to read the Quran in slow, measured, and rhythmic tones.

What Makes US Different?

Unlike many teachers who hold sessions in their homes or backyards, we don’t let this practice turn you off. We know you are expecting lots of valuable personal attention from teachers.  At 92campus.com, every tutor is an expert in his/her subject, courteous and thoughtful toward others, and adaptive and attentive to your needs in class.

With our platform, you can schedule your one to one online tuition classes as per your ease and availability. Our online expert tutors cooperate with the students for scheduling classes considering their comfort and convenience. We are available for you 24/7.

The best thing about the one-on-one platform that we provide is that the freedom it gives you does not hinder in any way what you are trying to achieve – it supports your goals. The coolest thing about 92 Campus is that our experts can quickly make changes based on your needs.

We are flexible to enhance the teaching-and-learning experiences, not hinder them. Choose your schedule, and start learning anything from Islamic sciences to everyday academic subjects. You’ll value the flexibility that stems from the asynchronous dimension of online classes at 92 Campus.

You can learn Islamic sciences and academic subjects in the palm of your hands. Our platform is compatible to your devices. You can access our content on your smartphones, tablets, cellphones, and even wearables. Experts at 92 Campus can connect on-the-fly with their learners.

We offer you an integrated, one-on-one learning experience, supporting smart interactions between our highly qualified educators and students. Such an interactive environment enables teachers of 92campus.com to combine activities into sequences that guide students through structured learning paths.

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