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Technology has become an integral part of the educational enterprise in the past twenty years. As a network of global companies, online learning is an enterprise active 24/7. It is no wonder than the students who up to now have opted for this kind of education belong to the category of working students (often adults). However, the ‘distance’ option is beginning to attract younger students because it gives them more free time, and it is too expensive for them to attend universities in many countries.


Trying to orient oneself in the universe of the more-or-less commercial learning environment on the Internet can be hard, requiring market appraisals more within the field of a professional buyer. The problem lies somewhere in understanding the meaning of ‘doing a different thing’ in disciplines and seeing the possibility of developing tools and methods for training students to use the most up-to-date information technologies. One such innovator is telecommunication-engineer-turned-CSR-guru Muhammad Usman, as the CEO and founder of Rawalpindi-based www.92campus.com, who has mastered the art of distance learning, with his years of experience in offering online Quran courses at 92quranacademy.com. He is also a pioneer in bringing the teaching of both the Quran and other science subjects under one roof. There is no such platform available to our knowledge right now.  


Usman, as the initiator of this innovation, always goes extra miles to look for ways to improve his platform. He has developed a personal code of ethics; that is, what he intends to live by and honor as a CEO. Usman only believes in delivering high-quality results, giving credit to experts to whose work he refers, and respecting all students.


That is why 92campus.com stays ahead and on top of the game. The platform of 92campus.com represents the learning of both the Quran and everyday academic subjects conducted using computers connected to the Internet, interacting with Web-based software. The basic tenet is to allow you to learn anytime and anywhere.


92campus.com employs over 30 best reciters of the Holy Quran and over 50 professionals from different reputable madrasahs and universities in Pakistan and abroad. They all are full-time workers, working three shifts in 24 hours. It means 92campus.com can adjust to your convenient schedules. The platform supports smart interactions between our expert educators and you as students.