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The story of Prophet Jesus (AS) in the Quran
Umer Mumtaz

Basics of Islam: The Story of Prophet Jesus (AS) in the Quran

Prophet Jesus (AS), the last prophet from the Children of Israel, is one of the most famous men in the world. Billions revere his name. His ethics inspire imitation. His teachings continue to challenge. And the stories about him have always been blockbusters. So who was this man? This article

Five Pillars of Islam
Umer Mumtaz

Basics of Islam: What are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Every religion has its followers and outsiders who think of some basics in it, such as the Wheel of Dharma in Buddhism and the Ten Commandments in Judaism and Christianity. A similar list of basics, called the Five Pillars, exists in Islam. Like the structure of a modern building, pillars

5 Ways to Recite the Quran in Arabic Like a Pro!
Umer Mumtaz

5 Ways to Recite the Quran in Arabic like a Pro

Welcome to the world of Arabic, a sixth most spoken language and a formal language of over 20 countries. More than 1.9 billion Muslims speak this dialect five times in their prayers. While Arabic may present some learning challenges because of its rich and complex grammar structure, it is not


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